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Die offizielle Seite des Amtes der Salzburger Landesregierung. Alle Nachrichten des ORF aus Salzburg, aktuelle News zu Sport, Politik, Chronik, Kultur, Breaking News, Rezepte, Frequenzen, und Inhalte​. Stadt Salzburg Logo und alle Ausschuss-Sitzungen der Stadt Salzburg können mitverfolgt werden: mehr +43 (0) , E-Mail [email protected] Offizieller Reiseführer der Kultur- und Mozartstadt Salzburg in Österreich. Informationen über Hotels, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Veranstaltungen & vieles mehr. SALZBURG24 News - immer informiert, immer aktuell mit dem schnellen Nachrichten-Portal aus Salzburg. Top-News aus Politik, Sport, wetter.​salzburgat.

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Neuer Vizerektor für Infrastruktur und Digitalisierung an der Paris-Lodron-​Universität Salzburg. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Auer, bislang Vizedekan der. Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation. Mit uns wird das Leben nachhaltiger, vernetzter und komfortabler. 24 Stunden täglich an Tagen im Jahr. Offizieller Reiseführer der Kultur- und Mozartstadt Salzburg in Österreich. Informationen über Hotels, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Veranstaltungen & vieles mehr. Article Media. Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics. Continue reading city Pro Sieben Fortnite three universities and a large population of students. The city briefly appears on the map when Indiana Jones travels through the city in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Colloredo is visit web page for being one of the main employers of Mozart. Metro Books,p. Cooking Classes Wettprofis Typisch. It served as an example for many other churches in Southern Germany and Austria. Austrian German is Portemonei written and differs from Germany's standard variation only in some vocabulary and a few grammar points. Die interessantesten Themen aus Politik, Wirtschaft, Kultur & Sport. Bleiben Sie informiert mit Nachrichten aus aller Welt, Österreich und Salzburg. Offizielle Tourismusplattform für Salzburg und das SalzburgerLand ✓ ideale Alpen Destination ✓ Sommer und Winter Urlaub ➔ hier finden Sie alle Infos. Die Salzburger Altstadt: Veranstaltungen, Geschäfte, Handwerker, Dienstleistungen, Kunst und Kultur. Der Erlebnisraum im Zentrum der Stadt. Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation. Mit uns wird das Leben nachhaltiger, vernetzter und komfortabler. 24 Stunden täglich an Tagen im Jahr. Neuer Vizerektor für Infrastruktur und Digitalisierung an der Paris-Lodron-​Universität Salzburg. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Auer, bislang Vizedekan der. Hallein Salzburg-Umgebung St. Erlebnisweg auf der Gnadenalm. Archived from the original on 29 December So, Loch für Loch zum Teufelssteg. See . Vom Die Feuerwehr wurde kurz nach 9 Uhr von einem Passanten informiert, dass Rauch aus der Eingangstür eines älteren Hauses komme, berichtete die Berufsfeuerwehr Salzburg. Pinkernells Excalibur Mastercard consider Market - Klaus Pinkernell. Neu in Gnigl! Alle Events auf einen Blick. Jetzt suchen. Erleben Sie einen Abend, wie er anno hätte gewesen sein können Wer Bar Aufmachen vom Auto fernhalten will, kann ab sofort auf ein exotisches Hilfsmittel zurückgreifen: …. Doping und Betrug. Zwischenräume vom Schwerste Verletzungen. Krebs Wenn Verstand und Fantasie sich vermischen. E-Biken im SalzburgerLand. Familienurlaub mit Hochgefühlen. Mit den ÖBB in den Sommerurlaub. Zwischenräume vom Das betreffe 6. Der finnische Österreich-Spezialist war im Qualifying ….

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Altstadt Salzburg. Euro haben wird - fast …. Theodemar Richard Kempf. DE EN. Im Juni und Juli stehen insgesamt vier Termine an, an welchen mit Experten Die Linzer empfangen den Serienmeister und …. Danach ist er ihm als ehrenamtlicher ….

Private Sightseeing Tours. Cultural Tours. Private Day Trips. Explore Salzburg. Ports of Call Tours Hallstatt 6 hours from Salzburg and back.

See all. Attraction Tickets Entrance to the Stiegl brewing world. Top Holiday Tours and Activities. Top Attractions in Salzburg.

Salzburger Altstadt. See 89 Experiences. Fortress Hohensalzburg Castle. See 36 Experiences. See 1 Experience.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens. See 53 Experiences. Schloss Hellbrunn. See 39 Experiences. Red Bull Hangar The city has large breweries; its manufactures include musical instruments, hardware, textiles, and leather.

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When they were threatened once more by the Avars, the Alpine Slavs Karantani placed themselves before under the protection of the Bavarians, whose mission was extended to them.

Independence from Bavaria was secured in the late 14th century. Salzburg was the seat of the Archbishopric of Salzburg , a prince-bishopric of the Holy Roman Empire.

As the Reformation movement gained steam, riots broke out among peasants in the areas in and around Salzburg. The city was occupied during the German Peasants' War , and the Archbishop had to flee to the safety of the fortress.

Eventually, tensions were quelled, and the city's independence led to an increase in wealth and prosperity, culminating in the late 16th to 18th centuries under the Prince Archbishops Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau , Markus Sittikus , and Paris Lodron.

It was in the 17th century that Italian architects and Austrians who had studied the Baroque style rebuilt the city centre as it is today along with many palaces.

On 31 October , the th anniversary of the 95 Theses , Archbishop Count Leopold Anton von Firmian signed an Edict of Expulsion, the Emigrationspatent , directing all Protestant citizens to recant their non-Catholic beliefs.

Most of them accepted an offer by King Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia , travelling the length and breadth of Germany to their new homes in East Prussia.

In —, under archbishop Hieronymus Graf von Colloredo , Salzburg was a centre of late Illuminism.

Colloredo is known for being one of the main employers of Mozart. Mozart would leave Salzburg for Vienna in with his family including his father Leopold staying back as he and Colloredo had a close relationship.

In , the territory of Salzburg was transferred to the Kingdom of Bavaria after Austria's defeat at Wagram.

After the Congress of Vienna with the Treaty of Munich , Salzburg was definitively returned to Austria, but without Rupertigau and Berchtesgaden, which remained with Bavaria.

Salzburg was integrated into the Province of Salzach and Salzburgerland was ruled from Linz. In , Salzburg's status was restored as the capital of the Duchy of Salzburg , a crownland of the Austrian Empire.

The city became part of Austria-Hungary in as the capital of a crownland of the Austrian Empire. The nostalgia of the Romantic Era led to increased tourism.

In , a funicular was installed to facilitate tourism to Hohensalzburg Fortress [15]. In , it represented the residual German-speaking territories of the Austrian heartlands.

The Anschluss the occupation and annexation of Austria, including Salzburg, into the Third Reich took place on 12 March , one day before a scheduled referendum on Austria's independence.

German troops moved into the city. Political opponents, Jewish citizens and other minorities were subsequently arrested and deported to concentration camps.

The synagogue was destroyed. During the Nazi occupation, a Romani camp was built in Salzburg-Maxglan. It was an Arbeitserziehungslager work 'education' camp , which provided slave labour to local industry.

It also operated as a Zwischenlager transit camp , holding Roma before their deportation to German camps or ghettos in German-occupied territories in eastern Europe.

Allied bombing destroyed 7, houses and killed inhabitants. Fifteen air strikes destroyed 46 percent of the city's buildings, especially those around Salzburg railway station.

Although the town's bridges and the dome of the cathedral were destroyed, much of its Baroque architecture remained intact.

As a result, Salzburg is one of the few remaining examples of a town of its style. American troops entered the city on 5 May and it became the centre of the American-occupied area in Austria.

Major celebrations took place throughout the year. Salzburg is on the banks of the River Salzach , at the northern boundary of the Alps.

The mountains to Salzburg's south contrast with the rolling plains to the north. The Altstadt , or "old town", is dominated by its baroque towers and churches and the massive Hohensalzburg Fortress.

This area is flanked by two smaller hills, the Mönchsberg and Kapuzinerberg , which offer green relief within the city. Salzburg has about the same latitude of Seattle.

Salzburg is part of the temperate zone. Due to the location at the northern rim of the Alps, the amount of precipitation is comparatively high, mainly in the summer months.

The specific drizzle is called Schnürlregen in the local dialect. In winter and spring, pronounced foehn winds regularly occur.

Salzburg's official population significantly increased in when the city absorbed adjacent municipalities.

New residential space was constructed for American soldiers of the postwar occupation, and could be used for refugees when they left.

Around , Salzburg passed the mark of , citizens, and in , it reached the mark of , citizens. The Romanesque and Gothic churches , the monasteries and the early carcass houses dominated the medieval city for a long time.

The choir of the Franciscan Church , construction was begun by Hans von Burghausen and completed by Stephan Krumenauer , is one of the most prestigious religious gothic constructions of southern Germany.

Peter's Cemetery , the St. George's Chapel and the stately halls of the "Hoher Stock" in Hohensalzburg Fortress were constructed. Inspired by Vincenzo Scamozzi , Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau began to transform the medieval town to the architectural ideals of the late Renaissance.

Plans for a massive cathedral by Scamozzi failed to materialize upon the fall of the archbishop. A second cathedral planned by Santino Solari rose as the first early Baroque church in Salzburg.

It served as an example for many other churches in Southern Germany and Austria. Markus Sittikus and Paris von Lodron continued to rebuild the city with major projects such as Hellbrunn Palace , the prince archbishop's residence, the university buildings, fortifications, and many other buildings.

Giovanni Gaspare Zuccalli , by order of the same archbishop, created the Erhard and the Kajetan church in the south of the town.

After the era of Ernst von Thun, the city's expansion came to a halt, which is the reason why there are no churches built in the Rococo style.

Sigismund von Schrattenbach continued with the construction of "Sigmundstor" and the statue of holy Maria on the cathedral square.

With the fall and division of the former "Fürsterzbistum Salzburg" Archbishopric to Upper Austria , Bavaria Rupertigau and Tyrol Zillertal Matrei began a long period of urban stagnancy.

This era didn't end before the period of promoterism Gründerzeit brought new life into urban development.

Jahreszeit im SalzburgerLand. Hitze belastet den Körper massiv. Walderlebnisse im Gasteinertal. Erlebnisweg auf der Gnadenalm. Salzburg Digital. Führerschein weg! Jetzt wird um eine Lösung gerungen. Spiele Video Slots Online Wattener kamen in der letzten Runde der Qualifikationsgruppe in Innsbruck gegen die …. Ein Gefühl, das Generationen vereint.

Frisch, wild, jung und unwiderstehlich. Lust auf Waldbaden? Lust auf eine Zirbenwanderung? Lust auf Brotbacken unter freiem Himmel? Alles möglich im Gasteinertal!

Ein uraltes Bauernhaus, ein ehemaliger Holzknecht, überlieferte Rezepte und besondere Wälder erinnern an eine längst entschwundene Zeit: Das Saalachtal erzählt die Und lernen auf ihren Reisen die einzelnen Ferienregionen auf ihre ganz persönliche Art Anja Fischer Mehr erfahren Überall Musik!

Den Duft, den die frisch geernteten Felder und die bäuerliche Backstube verströmen, ist eine wahre Aromatherapie, die eine Flucht aus der Hektik und Schnelllebigkeit des Alltags ermöglichen.

Am Bauernhof tickt die Zeit nicht nach der Uhr, hier wird im Tempo des Tagesablaufs gelebt und gearbeitet. Mehr erfahren Auf der Suche nach Ideen für die nächste Busreise?

Im SalzburgerLand findet garantiert jeder seinen persönlichen Urlaubstraum. Mehr erfahren Salzburger Bauernherbst Ende August beginnt die 5.

Jahreszeit im SalzburgerLand. Hier haben Sie Ob Sommer oder Winter, zwischen Bergen und Seen ist einfach alles möglich! Jetzt mitmachen.

So geht Urlaub! Es wird Sommer im SalzburgerLand Biken und Radfahren Bergauf - Bergab - Geradeaus Es wird Sommer im SalzburgerLand.

Und ja, dieser Sommer wird ganz anders, als wir gewohnt sind. Aber er wird auf seine ganz besondere Art und Weise einzigartig und unvergesslich.

Saftige Wiesen, herrliche Ruhe und imposantes Gipfelpanorama - Wandern, kulinarischer Genuss und gemütliches Beisammensein auf über Almen.

Biken und Radfahren. E-Biken im SalzburgerLand. Mountainbiken im SalzburgerLand. Türe aufmachen und mittendrin sein in ursprünglicher Natur, herrlicher Einsamkeit und unvergesslichem Bergabenteuer!

Vorfreude Eine etwas andere Reise durch das SalzburgerLand! Das SalzburgerLand ist reich an kulinarischen Genüssen, die bis weit über die Landesgrenzen hinaus bekannt sind.

Kulinarische Highlights im SalzburgerLand. Alpine Küche. Alpine Kulinarik entlang der Via Culinaria.

Zu Gast bei den Produzenten. Klassiker aus der Bäuerlichen Küche mit frischen und regionalen Zutaten gekocht. Eine Sehnsucht, die uns antreibt.

Ein Gefühl, das Generationen vereint. Ein Moment, der für immer bleibt. Walderlebnisse im Gasteinertal. Walderlebnisse im Salzburger Lungau.

Walderlebnisse im Salzburger Saalachtal. Peter and the Nonnberg Nunnery were founded there by St. Salzburg was made a bishopric by St.

Boniface in and was raised to an archbishopric in Its archbishops were acknowledged as princes of the Holy Roman Empire in , and the city became the seat of their powerful ecclesiastical principality.

Because of the building activities of its later archbishops, however, little remains of its medieval architecture, and several buildings were damaged or destroyed by fire in Opposite is the Residenz Neugebäude Residence New Building; — ; its tower contains clockwork and carillon German: Glockenspiel ; that was imported from Antwerp , Belgium.

The cathedral, or Dom , was the first church built in the Italian style on German soil, according to plans elaborated in — It was constructed on the site of a previous Romanesque cathedral —; damaged by fire and an earlier, 8th-century basilica.

Peter; most of its buildings date from the 17th and 18th centuries, and its church —43 was remodeled in the Rococo style. North of the abbey is the Franciscan Church, with a Romanesque nave , a 15th-century Gothic choir, and Baroque chapels.

Also on the hill are St. On the city outskirts are the Capuchin Friary — and the castles of Leopoldskron and Hellbrunn — The university — was reestablished in A music centre for centuries, Salzburg was the birthplace of Mozart, whose house, No.

It is also the site of the internationally renowned annual Salzburg Festival. There were music festivals in Salzburg at irregular intervals throughout the 19th century, and in Hugo von Hofmannsthal , Richard Strauss , and Max Reinhardt founded the Festival Theatre Committee, which mounted a festival at Salzburg on an annual basis.

The Salzburg Festival now comprises recitals, concerts of orchestral and chamber music , church music , opera, and drama.

The music of Mozart dominates the festival. Today Salzburg is the northwestern gateway to Austria and is an important road and rail junction with an international airport at Maxglan.

The city has large breweries; its manufactures include musical instruments, hardware, textiles, and leather. Article Media.

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